The Story Behind The Bearded Astronaut (And Our Labels)

The Story Behind The Bearded Astronaut (And Our Labels)

Chase was an average boy who was fascinated by Space. His life goal: to become an Astronaut and finally see space, while floating among the stars. Without ruining the story in the Novel, let me just say that Chase will be delighted with what the Universe has in store. 

The Bearded Astronaut (according to the story) is the brainchild of Chase (The Astronaut). He has a big beard that he loves to care for. Unfortunately for Chase, there aren't many beard/hair care products, especially for humans, out in the vast reaches of space. So, he must make his own for his travels. Loving to infuse scents that he's discovered while planet-hopping into the beard oil, he also wants to have scents that remind him of home (Earth).

Now he's simply made too much and decided to launch a store for Earth with some personal touches. Such as the labels, Chase has horrible handwriting but thinks writing on each label gives it a personal touch from The Bearded Astronaut to you. Which is especially important being that he has to ship these bottles to Earth from his Starship. You, Earthlings, are lucky you don't have to deal with Space shipment rates (yikes!).

Chase is but one Human handling every facet of this company, but he hopes that, with Earthlings support (You!) and perseverance, we'll be able to grow this Universe together!


*Our Beard Oils are actually made on Earth by a Human named Steve, but are still amazing!*