The Many Benefits of Cosmic Oil

If you’re new here, welcome! I’d like to tell you about the benefits of our Cosmic Hair Oil.

- A beard/hair oils purpose -

A beard oils job is to moisturize, clean, and soothe the skin underneath the beard.

Just as a healthy head of hair relies on a healthy scalp, your beard relies on the health of your skin underneath to grow properly.
If your skin is dry, you’ll find your beard is itchy, damaged, and “pokey.”

Beard oil quickly absorbs into the skin, keeping oil production in check while hydrating, softening, and strengthening your skin and hair.

Have acne in your beard? That’s ok!

Our beard oil is developed with your skin in mind. It helps fight acne while soothing the skin underneath with a warm embrace.

Have uncomfortable dry patches?

Our Cosmic Oil to the rescue again! Our oil locks in moisture, helping your skin repair itself.

Split ends?

Here we come to save the day! Our Cosmic Oil strengthens your hair and aids in repairing split ends!

Beard Smell Like The Bog of Eternal Stench?

We 👏 got 👏 you 👏! Our Cosmic Oil will not only help your beard look snatched, it will keep your beard smelling stellar for hours on end!